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You can still benefit from our years of IME experience and expertise by sending us your typed transcripts and letting us transform them into top-quality, courtroom-ready documents.  Whether your draft is VR text or has been transcribed by a live MT, we can perform:

  • Formatting Only:  We can copy your text directly into a template document, either your own or one provided by a panel company, and then review the layout of the entire report to ensure consistency and ease of use.
  • Format, Edit & QA:  In addition to the above, we will proofread your entire transcript and run it through our full quality assurance process to ensure that your finalized report meets the highest possible standards.
  • Add to Existing Report:  We can add your already-transcribed content to an existing report, or if you've got a document that's mostly finished but needs a few tweaks or edits here and there, just send us your dictated notes and we'll get it up to speed!

Is Consistent Formatting Really So Important?

  • YES!  The layout of your report to a large extent determines the speed and efficiency with which you or anyone who reads it can locate vital information.
  • If you need to make an important point in front of a judge but can't find the specific detail you're looking for, your testimony may falter.
  • A well-written, carefully formatted, and easy-to-digest document may win cases on its own merits, without you ever setting foot in a courtroom.
  • We may be the experts in readability, but ultimately it's you who will be making use of your report, so you'll always have the final say!


IMT’s Quality Guarantee:

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of your first report, it’s free, up to $150*
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*equates to approximately 30 transcribed pages


What Our Customers Are Saying:


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Having VR Issues?

The claimant did well following his baloney below-knee amputation …

Surgeries include a sing-a-long single lung transplant …

He had a pleasant day influenza A last year …

Voice recognition errors are no laughing matter in a courtroom.  You've probably seen them before, but how embarrassing would it be if such a mistake turned up in one of your forensic examinations?

At IMT, our transcriptionists are live human beings who are committed to quality, attentive to even minor details, and genuinely enthusiastic for the work we do.  Left in our hands, your IME documents can bolster both your credibility and your professional image.  Left to chance or to the whims of a computer program, however, the effect may be quite the opposite!


Why Reports from IMT Are Better:

Dates are written out to ensure accuracy.

Abbreviations are expanded for improved clarity.

Reviewer's comments are made to stand out from surrounding text.

Reports are carefully formatted for maximum readability and ease of locating information.

Records are organized chronologically, even if you didn't have time to dictate them that way.

Dictate as much or as little as you'd like at one time, and review and edit your report in progress at any point.

Possible discrepancies or oversights and any questions from the MT will be clearly flagged so you can examine and resolve them before sending out your report.

Information from available cover letter(s) will be incorporated into the report, including reviewer questions buried in the text that may have been overlooked.

Reports will always be completed according to your preferences, maintaining the highest level of profes­sionalism, promptness, and completeness.


NO startup fees

NO monthly minimums

NO additional charge for:

  • Rush reports
  • Weekend work

Quantity discount available

above 30,000 lines¹ per month²



QA Staff Makes All the Difference

  • Most transcription companies hand-check only a small random sampling of their reports, just to identify any major issues their MTs may be having.
  • At IMT, every report is processed by our quality assurance team to ensure that even minor problems don't begin to creep into your important documents.
  • Our thorough review process adds value, allowing us to identify errors and carefully screen each report we transcribe for completeness, clarity, and quality.

In medical transcription, you get what you pay for, so only pay for the very best!



Optional Report Features:

  • Appendices & indices
  • Bibliographies & peer-reviewed journal references
  • Charts & tables embedded within text
  • Tables of contents



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    Your Expert Team

    Gerri Newman

    Gerri graduated from Montana State University in 1981, working 13 years for the US Forest Service before starting a secretarial firm in 1994 that rapidly shifted its focus to medical tran­scription.  Gerri's meticulous attention to detail comes to the fore in her customer service, organizational abilities, and far­sightedness in identifying and handling potential problems.

    Matthew Leonard
    Operations Manager

    Matthew is an experienced transcriptionist and skilled computer operator who also supports and moderates for various online communities.  Having this strong medical and technical background gives Matthew an undeniable edge in work­flow management, advanced MT training, and quality assurance support, all helping to ensure that your reports get done accurately and on time.

    Stephanie Range
    Workflow Manager

    Stephanie has a diverse background in healthcare and in the medico-legal system, having worked as a recreational therapist, as an office manager at a physical therapy clinic, and as a medico-legal transcriptionist, as well as experience providing organization and oversight for her family as a mom and homeschool educator for her two kids.

    Kathee Rose
    QA Specialist

    Kathee is a seasoned MT who graduated with honors from the Career Step medical transcription program.  Her many years of industry experience are vital to the support and communication that drive our quality assurance process.  Kathee's sharp eye and strong grammar skills keep our MTs at the top of their game so your reports are the best that they can be.

    Marcia Eck
    Record Summary QA

    Marcia's many years as a medico-legal transcriptionist have funded her college education, including degrees in Research and Laboratory Science as well as Biology. Her sharp eye for grammar and punctuation, as well as her extensive experience with insurance companies, attorneys, and the Workers' Compensation system, make Marcia an invaluable part of our Record Summary team.

    MT Snapshots

    Meet our amazing group of independent transcriptionists:

    Michelle R. from Georgia

    Transcription Experience:  25 years
    Education:  Louisiana State University (BA in secondary education)
    Favorite Specialty:  Orthopedics
    Brief Bio:  Transcription is a second career for me, but I have 20+ years of experience under my belt.  I can do pretty much any specialty, but I'm especially proficient at orthopedics.  I am the most uncoordinated person you'll ever meet so don't play sports, but I LOVE watching sports, any sport, live or on TV, but especially college football and baseball.

    “I am enjoying perfecting a new skill set and love the challenging and interesting work I do with IMT!  I have never worked for a company who cares about their finished product as much as they do.”


    Michael Hatzakis
    Michael Hatzakis
    21:59 28 Jul 21
    I have been a physician expert for 15 years. I have used IMT for a large part of that time and have worked with Gerri... Newman throughout. I have also used multiple other transcription services over those years and none come even close to IMT's quality of work, their incredible attention to detail, the cleanness of their report product and great customer service interface.IMT is truly the "Intel Inside" of my forensic business. My business runs more smoothly and I provide far higher quality products having them under the covers of my operation. They do exceptionally well for rush requests, special requests and really anything I need when it comes to creating quality report products. I cannot say enough about my experience with them. more
    Sean Ghidella
    Sean Ghidella
    14:37 22 Jun 20
    IMT is the standard for forensic reports. Their fast friendly service provides accurate reports that rarely need... editing. They will save you more
    Resolute Michaels
    Resolute Michaels
    20:01 05 Oct 19
    A cut above the rest! Extra care and attention to detail makes all the difference.
    Steve Overman
    Steve Overman
    14:58 01 Aug 19
    Timely and reliable service that has been wonderful even though I use them very part-time! It is SO much better than... than my former efforts at voice activated dictation. Their proof reading is such a bonus!read more
    Eric Petrie
    Eric Petrie
    22:59 26 Jul 19
    IMT is the best medical transcription service I have worked over my nearly 15 years of doing independent medical... examinations. I can't remember the last time their staff made a transcription error. Turnaround is also amazingly fast on a routine basis and President Gerri Newman is always accessible and willing to go the extra mile to handle special more
    Rick Rivera
    Rick Rivera
    02:23 20 Jul 19
    I have used IMT for years. I have never had a problem. I am extremely happy with the service I have received. I would... recommend IMT services to any and more
    Dan Brzusek
    Dan Brzusek
    16:47 09 Jul 19
    Very responsive particular needs of the customer. I have decided to all of my business to this service. I previously... had contracted with 3 other transcription services.This is the most professional transcription service of ever experiencing a 42 years physiatry practice so glad to have theread more
    More reviews


    Why Choose IMT?


    • Established in 1994
    • 16 MTs averaging 17.6 years experience
    • QA staff checks every report


    • Specializing in forensic reports
    • Experts at formatting & templating
    • All types of transcription


    • Staff in every US time zone¹
    • No snow days or weather delays
    • Rush reports & weekend work at no additional charge


    Try us once, and "on a more-probable-than-not basis," you'll stick with IMT!



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      Dozens of satisfied, long-term clients …

      • Nine IME panel companies
      • Forensic psychiatrists
      • Orthopedic surgeons
      • PM&R specialists
      • Chiropractors
      • … and many more!

      Where will the future take you?

      Whether you represent a major IME panel company, a personal injury law firm, or an insurance company; whether you are a physician or specialist who has been called upon to testify as an expert witness; or whether you are a dedicated and experienced MT looking to apply your knowledge to an exciting field that touches the lives of everyday people, you're in the right place!

      Just let us know how we can grow together and build a stronger future while helping you accomplish your professional goals and meeting the unique needs and challenges of the medical claims community.