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What Is a Report Readability Consultation?

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Put simply, it's our way of helping you shine as an expert!  Just send us one of your past reports, whether it's an IME, medical record review, or any other expert witness report.  We will examine it in detail and provide you with a written consultation showing how you can maximize both the readability and the marketing potential of all your future forensic reviews.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation to use this service.  You can simply take our suggestions and apply them in your forensic practice as you see fit, or you can choose to take full advantage of IMT's transcription and report formatting services.  How you use your free Report Readability Consultation is entirely up to you!

Why Do I Need One?

Because as an expert witness, your brand is you!  When you sign your name to a forensic report, it becomes a vessel to carry not only your opinions and conclusions but also your reputation as a professional and trusted expert in your field.  Through positive branding and intuitive readability improvements built right into your reports, you can mold a reputation for quality and value in the legal community such that high-profile attorneys will begin seeking you out by name.

69% of expert witnesses report that ...

of expert witnesses report that

... more than 50% of their referrals come from repeat business

of their referrals come from word of mouth and repeat business*

*Source:  SEAK, Inc. Expert Witness Directory

How Does It Work?


  1. Just fill out the form below, and we will send instructions on how to securely submit a completed IME, record review, or other forensic report of your choice.  Compliance with HIPAA is guaranteed.
  2. Within one to two business days, we will send a consultation report outlining how you can maximize the readability and branding potential of your future reports.  If desired, we can also personally review your consultation with you by phone.
  3. At this point, you can simply take the information provided and apply it as you see fit in your future forensic reports.  There is no further cost or obligation to you!
  4. Alternatively, IMT can prepare a Microsoft Word template, incorporating any or all of the suggestions made in your consultation report, for a flat fee of $100.
  5. Lastly, to see for yourself what a difference it makes to have your forensic reports transcribed and formatted by the IME experts, set up a transcription account and send us your next dictation.  We will waive the $100 template preparation fee, and a $150 credit will be applied to your account.  That's an immediate savings of $250!


NO startup fees

NO monthly minimums

NO additional charge for:

  • Rush reports
  • Weekend work

Quantity discount available

above 30,000 lines¹ per month²



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