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Who We Are

Independent Medical Transcription, Inc. (IMT), got its start in Seattle, Washington, in the year 1994.  Our corporation president, Gerri Newman, entered the medical field as a solo transcriptionist for a single physician's office, working under the name "Executive Assistance."  With support from a colleague, Gerri soon took on two IME panel companies as clients, discovered the world of independent medical examinations, and became an enduring member of the claims community.

After further growth requiring the contracting of additional transcriptionists, IMT was incorporated in Washington State in April of 2003 and then in September of 2016 in Florida.  As of 2020, IMT employs five full-time adminis­trative staff members and works with 16 medical transcriptionists averaging 17.6 years of transcription experience and encompassing numerous medical specialties.

Our corporation president herself is an experienced MT who knows the industry inside and out, being capable of identifying and handling problems before they enter anyone else's radar, all the while treating her ICs¹ and employees with respect and compensating them well for their expertise and hard work.

How We Do What We Do

IMT believes in strict attention to detail, over-the-top customer service, and dignifying all those who help keep our business thriving.  While never neglecting our meticulous requirements for grammar, formatting, and deadlines, we strive to always remain professional, personable, and approachable.  We work hard to communicate clearly and efficiently between our clients and transcriptionists so that all know what is required and expected in order to do our jobs well and get your reports done on time.

We also pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a behemoth MTSO² that ships your dictation to offshore contractors at the lowest possible rate (resulting in a commensurate level of quality).  Rather, if you have a special project that carries a high level of complexity or a particularly tight deadline, or if you require urgent assistance with any report issue you may be having, Gerri and her team will be available to work directly with you and our MTs to get the matter resolved to your satisfaction.

Why Customers Keep Coming Back

Simply by holding to the above standards, IMT has built a sterling reputation among forensic physicians and IME panel companies throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Based on this foundation, we are now working nationwide, with administrative staff and medical transcriptionists working from every time zone in the contiguous United States.  We are dedicated to helping all of our associates continue to grow, from aiding our MTs to develop their skill sets and become ever more adept at handling complex IME reports to assisting our physicians and experts see an increase in lucrative referrals because of the high-quality reports we help them produce.


What's the Bottom Line?

Try us once, and "on a more-probable-than-not basis," you'll stick with IMT!


Dozens of satisfied, long-term clients …

  • Nine IME panel companies
  • Forensic psychiatrists
  • Orthopedic surgeons
  • PM&R specialists
  • Chiropractors
  • … and many more!

Where will the future take you?

Whether you represent a major IME panel company, a personal injury law firm, or an insurance company; whether you are a physician or specialist who has been called upon to testify as an expert witness; or whether you are a dedicated and experienced MT looking to apply your knowledge to an exciting field that touches the lives of everyday people, you're in the right place!

Just let us know how we can grow together and build a stronger future while helping you accomplish your professional goals and meeting the unique needs and challenges of the medical claims community.



Your Expert Team

Gerri Newman

Gerri graduated from Montana State University in 1981, working 13 years for the US Forest Service before starting a secretarial firm in 1994 that rapidly shifted its focus to medical tran­scription.  Gerri's meticulous attention to detail comes to the fore in her customer service, organizational abilities, and far­sightedness in identifying and handling potential problems.

Matthew Leonard
Operations Manager

Matthew is an experienced transcriptionist and skilled computer operator who also supports and moderates for various online communities.  Having this strong medical and technical background gives Matthew an undeniable edge in work­flow management, advanced MT training, and quality assurance support, all helping to ensure that your reports get done accurately and on time.

Stephanie Range
Workflow Manager

Stephanie has a diverse background in healthcare and in the medico-legal system, having worked as a recreational therapist, as an office manager at a physical therapy clinic, and as a medico-legal transcriptionist, as well as experience providing organization and oversight for her family as a mom and homeschool educator for her two kids.

Kathee Rose
QA Specialist

Kathee is a seasoned MT who graduated with honors from the Career Step medical transcription program.  Her many years of industry experience are vital to the support and communication that drive our quality assurance process.  Kathee's sharp eye and strong grammar skills keep our MTs at the top of their game so your reports are the best that they can be.

Marcia Eck
Record Summary QA

Marcia's many years as a medico-legal transcriptionist have funded her college education, including degrees in Research and Laboratory Science as well as Biology. Her sharp eye for grammar and punctuation, as well as her extensive experience with insurance companies, attorneys, and the Workers' Compensation system, make Marcia an invaluable part of our Record Summary team.

MT Snapshots

Meet our amazing group of independent transcriptionists:

Brynn N. from Montana

Transcription Experience:  15 years
Education:  University of Montana (2008); Career Step Medical Transcription & Editing (2010)
Brief Bio:  I have been transcribing for 10+ years for various specialties, of which my favorites include orthopedics and psychiatry.  In my free time, I enjoy gardening and building our homestead/farm.

“All of the staff and editors at IMT are always prompt to answer any question, big or small.  They have created the most user-friendly templates I have used and make accessing report information a breeze.”

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